Hi! I’m Stephanie.

I am a knitwear designer, a full time mom, yarn addict and knitter.  

I started knitting two months before I graduated college (which, I'm sorry to say, was a while ago). Turns out, degrees and knitting needles are a fantastic combo. After graduation, I got married, packed up my needles, secretly stashed A LOT of yarn in my suitcase and moved to Asia. I taught English, backpacked in exotic places and knit, knit, knit.

Not long after the birth of my first daughter, nicknamed ‘Tellybean,’ I became discouraged by my baby girl’s lack-luster wardrobe. I thought, “It needs some spice!” In an effort to shnazzy up Tellybean’s wardrobe, I began designing knitting patterns for babies. Thus, Tellybean Knits was born.

Since returning to the USA, a lot has changed. I have expanded my line to include child and adult patterns. I have collaborated with many wonderful yarn companies. I even used my super powers to make another little person.

My business has grown, my family has grown, and I have grown.  Now I have a mission.



I design playful knitting patterns that focus on wearability, knitability and innovation. My designs deal with the geometry of the body, seeking to highlight its natural contours using unexpected shapes. My patterns include detailed instructions, photos, and tutorials. I want all of my work to nudge you into the next phase of knitting without making you sweat. No knitter should struggle with confusion or frustration when yarn is present.  I aim to make all of my designs clear, fun, and surprising, so that you are always knitting with a giggle.