Tips on Creating a FibreShare Package

I am always looking for fun things to do on the internet and last year I discovered FibreShare. FibreShare is a fiber swap that focuses on connecting fibre lovers from around the world (for more information about how this swap works, check HERE). I have participated in this particular swap three times and am ready for a fourth round. The Fibreshare organizers make their swap super fun by posting beautiful photos, hosting wonderful fiber artists, and even providing discounts to members (I'm a real sucker for a promo code). The first time you swap through Instagram, it can be a bit overwhelming. I've put together some photos and tips from my last Fibreshare package. I hope these help you get started with your own share package!

Pick a theme and color scheme. This may sound silly, but there are SO MANY fun things that can go into a package. It can be overwhelming. Decide on a simple theme that is meaningful to you. Your fiber buddy is going to get to know you through this process, so give your best self. I decided to make a sustainable package. I wanted a gift that showed my love of fiber while remaining respectful of the environment. For my color scheme, I stuck to neutrals with subtle pops of purple and maroon.

Think about the wrapping. I think the best thing about a gift is the feeling you have right before you open it. If you want to build the anticipation, choose your wrapping carefully. Try to use wrapping that hints at what is INSIDE the package. Since my package was all about sustainable goodies, I used kitchen towels for wrapping and upcycled cotton ribbon. They matched my color theme and don't need to be thrown away. 

Pick fiber that means something to you. While I was scoping out the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival, I found a small Illinois mill that produces yarn from Jacob sheep and alpacas called the Round Barn Fiber Mill. This mill is passionate about their yarn and process. They label most of the skeins by the name of the sheep that made the wool. They let me hug everything and told me stories about raising their flock. That's special. Not everyone is going to get excited about small batch yarn. Like those Jacob sheep, we yarnies are a rare breed. That's the great thing about FibreShare, you're not just giving away yarn. You are sharing a passion.

Do something personal. We are all makers, so get creative! I love it when people make things for me. I think that's why I'm constantly making things for other people. If you want to spoil your buddy, make something, anything. I decided to sew a small, two-sided wristlet-style project bag. I'm not the world's best seamstress, but I do love to sew. I chose fabric from my sewing stash and stuck to my color scheme. 

Include something local. Your fiber friend is probably not from your town (maybe not even from your continent). Send something that your buddy won't be able to get anywhere else. I chose to send coffee beans from my local beanery: Hopscotch Coffee. It just so happens that Hopscotch makes a mama-friendly half-caf. My fiber buddy was a coffee-loving new mama. I support a new mother's right to a bit of caffeine. So does Hopscotch. 

Include some extra info about your gift. Your fiber buddy might want to know more about the goodies you packed up, so add some info. It's always nice to add a note as well!

Watch your partners IG feed, read your partner details and gift accordingly. This is a BIGGIE! FibreShare is an Instagram swap for good reason. You can learn a lot about your partner through IG. My partner was a spinner AND knitter. In her questionaire, she stated that her most prized fiber possession is a skein of handspun yarn given to her by a friend. Her IG feed was full of beautiful handspun knits. I decided to include some near-and-dear-to-me fiber from my own stash. These are from a farm outside my hometown in Southern MO.

Include a crowd pleaser. I like to put in some yarn that just about anyone would love. Soft and squishy bet!

Add some LITTLE goodies. I like to think of these as stocking stuffers. A few little extras to fatten up the package. I included stitch markers and handmade wooden bobbins from Sistermaide.

Gather everything together. Admire your work!

Wrap everything with care.

Send your package out into the world.

Congratulations. You just shared.