baby knits

Welcome Newbie!

The Newbie Vest is now available on Ravelry! Come join me for a KAL with Leading Men Fiber Arts!

I designed this little vest in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. About a week before my due date, I started having contractions. I panicked, but not for the reasons you might expect. I did not think, "Oh no, the baby is coming!" I thought, "Oh no, I haven't knit enough for the baby that's coming." I should have packed my hospital bag, but instead I started knitting this vest. 

 A few months after Dea was born, I was putting away her littlest clothes and I decided I wanted publish her newborn vest as a knitting pattern. It had been such a handy little knit. I put buttons all over it, so I never needed to pull it over her head. I made the front and the back the same, so Daddy couldn't put it on backwards (he's famous for that). And, it knit up so quickly (I knit my newborn size in a day and a half). I added a cabled version for the fellas and voila!

Poison Apple

I was lucky to work with Leading Men Fiber Arts on this project. They have some of the happiest colors in their collection of yarn, perfect for baby wear. I knit two new vests for Dea in "Poison Apple" and "Imperial" using the their sport weight yarn, Callback. Aren't these colors fantastic?

Starting in June, I will be co-hosting a knit-a-long with Leading Men Fiber Arts to celebrate the launch of the Newbie Vest. There are more babies in my future (friends' babies...calm down), so I'm excited to cast on another tiny Newbie Vest. It's baby shower season, after all. Time to get ready. THE BABIES ARE COMING!