Smocking Stitch

Smocking Stitch

[NOTE: This stitch is used in the Daisy Lady and Daisy Girl patterns and referred to as the smock3. The smock3 stitch uses the smocking stitch technique to create a smocking stitch of 3 stitches. However, this technique can be used to smock a larger number of stitches as well.]

1. Insert right hand needle from front to back between the 3rd and 4th stitches on the left hand needle.

[NOTE: If you would like to work a larger smocked stitch, insert needle between 2 stitches on your left hand needle as is appropriate for that stitch. For example, if you would like a 7-stitch smock, insert the needle between the 7th and 8th stitch.]


2. Wrap yarn as if to knit.


3. Pull up a loop.


4. Place the loop on your left hand needle.


5. k2tog (knit the new loop together with the first stitch)


6. knit 2

[NOTE: If you have chosen to work a smocking stitch with a larger number of stitches, then knit until you have worked all the stitches up to the edge of the loop placed in step 1.]